Washable Puppy Whelping Pads from Knoxville, Tennessee

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Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Washable Pads LLC offers you washable puppy whelping pads that will last for years and can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

Our History

For  years, we have gone to dog shows all over the country. In that time, our team noticed that fellow dog owners and breeders needed better quality, longer lasting puppy pads than the disposables that have been around for years. We have a pad that will replace hundreds of disposables, is larger, more absorbent, and lasts for years!. The dog community also needed a product like this that wouldn't cost them a fortune.

Consequently, our company now proudly produces accessible, washable puppy pads at a very affordable price.

Whelping Pads

Our breeder pads are absorbent, quilted, washable, and reusable. They are perfect fo whelping, potty training, crate bedding, and so many more uses.. Breeders tell us one of our recycled pads easily replaces more than 100 disposable ones. Our pads will not leak!  They are also convenient for all incontinence needs.


The Ultimate Puppy Pad

Our best pad is 30 x 34 and is made of three layers, including:
• A heavy, thick vinyl on the inside
  to prevent leaking.
• A soaker in the middle
  to catch anything wet.
• A soft, quilted cotton shell on the outside
  for the dog's comfort

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